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Custom Made Tablecloths

Custom Made Tablecloths

Here’s how to fast-track a quote for your custom project:

1. Select a Fabric Visit the linen fabric page and let us know Article Number (eg Article 876) and colour (eg Serena) of your fabric.

2. Share the Project Details Let us know a little about your project, plus the fabric, style, size, quantity and any other details (eg hemstitching, monogramming) of the products you require. 

3. Provide your Details Please forward us your contact details, shipping address and telephone number. 

4. Contact Us Email us all the information above at sales@purelinen.com.au and we will provide you with a quote or call for a consultation.

 PLEASE NOTE 1: Custom Made products are not refundable and not exchangeable so PLEASE choose your colour, fabric and style very carefully.  

 PLEASE NOTE 2: When ordering an Oval Shaped tablecloth, we require that you send us a full-scale template. We will not proceed to manufacture without one. 


Round, Oval, Square or Rectangular with side borders

Round with border Oval with Border Square or Rectangle 3 piece square stitched

Round, Oval, Square or Rectangular with 4 piece cross-stiched

Round with stitches Oval stitched square stitched


Round, Oval, Square or Rectangular - plain style

Round tablecloth - one piece Plain oval  squareplain