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  • The Casablanca Bed Cover
  • The Casablanca Bed Cover
  • The Casablanca Bed Cover


Product Code: BL_CAS

Made in Western AustraliaOur Casablanca Collection celebrates the raw beauty of natural flax. This collection of bedcover and decorative pillows has been left intentionally raw, with beautiful rows of natural fringing along three horizontal lines across the bedcover and along one edge of the pillows. This gives the already tactile collection interest and movement, and it references the detail as seen in Moroccan bedding. While raw in nature, the result of this bedding collection is sophistication. And it can be dressed up or down to create the look desired by its owner. Casablanca’s natural flax is manufactured in one of Russia’s most famous and highly regarded linen houses. It has long been the preferred linen supplier of royalty, and continues to be one of Russia’s most prestigious linen suppliers today. Our collection is instilled with that hallmark of quality, has been designed with our love of natural linen and sewn in Perth by the skilful hands of our Italian sewing team. While raw, this bedcover and pillow collection will become a uniquely personal bedding option that adapts and softens with its owner. While becoming more and more luxurious to the touch, it offers all the benefits we know and love about linen: a high resistance to friction and tension; antibacterial; antistatic; airy; hypoallergenic; moisture absorbing; biodegradable and environmentally friendly.


“Casablanca is about the beauty of natural flax. It celebrates linen in its most natural form, yet references a beauty found in one of the world’s most exotic and beautiful locations,” says founder and director Marina Wiese.


Colours Raw Natural Flax.

Composition 100% natural flax linen (410g).

This raw linen has undergone no treatment, it will go paler at every wash. Submitted to 4-10% shrinkage.

Collection Bedcover (King 280x270; Queen 250x270; Double 240x255; King Single 200x270; Single 180x260); and Pillow cases (48x73cm).

Use Domestic use.

Production time 7-10 working days (for small orders).

Care andwash in cold water only.

Custom Suggested sizes above, but we can make to your specifications.

Image Product
Casablanca Bed Cover Single 180x260 Made in Australia
Casablanca Bed Cover Queen Size King Single 200x270 Made in Australia
Casablanca Bed Cover Double Size 240x255 Made in Australia
Casablanca Bed Cover Queen Size 250x270 Made in Australia
Casablanca Bed Cover King Size 280x270 Made in Australia
Casablanca Pillow Case with fringe 48x73 Made in Australia